freaks & squeaks

Our friend has a new camera with a high definition video function; she’s been doing a few short films including some of my family.  Here she graces you with a glimpse into our Halloween, sitting on my mom’s porch and handing out candy*:

This one was taken by our own teeny little camera, and the subject speaks for itself, literally:

* What say thee on the feminist front?  Are Westernized women’s problems over – do we live in an egalitarian, just society that treats them with respect, as my mother’s boyfriend argues here?

2 thoughts on “freaks & squeaks

  1. That first idea gives me a little glimpse into why you might have mixed feelings for this man. Also: Ralph has really great legs.

  2. Ralph’s legs garnered many comments, both in the blog-o-sphere and on Halloween night. “Nice costume!” “Thank you!” “Ohmygod that’s a GUY!” With the heels he was about 6’4″, a very intimidating supershero.

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