it’s six am and i’m all messed up (friday)

It’s Friday again and I gotta admit, this week’s links are rather schooly (or, non-schooly), but there are a few other subjects as well as some frivolity to boot. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. In “Authentic Parent, Inauthentic Birth?”, Laura shares a story of a birth that went poorly – with the typical lack of support from others, choice afforded, and semi-tortured reflection on personal consent given. It is a powerful piece and I related to much of what I read. I also thought a bit about how much I admire birth and breastfeeding – well, activists, I guess, although that word has, to some, such a rigid and harsh tone. Indeed, culturally-induced misogynistic perceptions have succeeded in bathing the birth movement in a poor light. But Laura’s post, spoken in first person and passionate and real, reminds us this movement is mostly populated by women who want others to have a safe and empowered experience – and to have choices, and the support to make them, in one of life’s potentially most profund events.

2. One of my favorite comedians, and from what I can tell an all-around beautiful man, tweets his interview: “BIll Corbett” at Suicide Girls. Besides being a must-know for any cinemaphile, it seems almost everything he says is funny, insightful, or sweet – and often enough, all three. He and Al Yankovic alone are worth joining Twitter.

3. “Kill Me Or Leave Me Alone: Street Harassment As A Public Health Issue” via Racialicious. The post is just – hard to read, and reflective of a reality far to many people face. Tangentially (sorta), like the author, as a woman, and living life with compassion as much as I can, I don’t think the mainstreem public response to Charlie Sheen’s activities (which continue to be exploited and celebrated) is fun nor funny (latest update).

4. Sunday Sweets: Butterbeer Cupcakes at amybites. Yes. I’m gonna be making these.

5. Apologies if I’ve shared this (I don’t think I have), but because the Bill Corbett interview reminded me of the many delightful MST3K and Rifftrax educational shorts I’ve seen, I present: “The Cliche Family in Television Land!”

6. Misbehavior in Public courtesy of Love & Logic. OK, let’s have a contest. If someone can find something MORE f’d up and chilling than my cited example, you win like, a prize. Here’s the worst aspect, as I see it: the impressions and instruction the physically-large sixteen year old Preston in this story receives, given the “big stick” by the authority figure (the mother), to wield over the thirteen year old at his mercy. After spending most his days and hours in school, saturated in the playground (and classroom) bully culture in play, this seems an elegant and effective training session for Preston in Might Equals Right.

7. “The Deconstruction Of Indulgence (NFSW)” at Sociological Images. These were rather upsetting images, actually, so let me post a trigger warning for eating disorder content. Well-executed art, absolutement, not arguing that. What thoughts and feelings do the pieces invoke in you?

8. “Raising children to be submissive members of the lower caste” by Tami Harris (whom I just, a few hours ago, finished an awesome blogger-on-blogger interview; she’ll be posting on Monday!). Watch the video, read the passages and comments. I was really struck by how different cultures and microcultures frame the same strategies. In my parenting peer world, parents hardly *ever* own up to hitting (or dragging, grabbing, screaming at, coercing, manipulating) their children, although time-outs are deemed completely acceptable and *totally different*/separate from the abusive framework listed above.

9. In public health: um, go Georgia? (but, not) Anti-Childhood Obesity PSA Shames Fat Children as curated at Sociological Images. As usual regarding the folk devil obesity, the comments are riddled with a few haters; but hey, there are also some purdy good rebuttals to the haters. Or maybe I was just feeling kinda unsinkable when I read through ’em. Like I got some laughs from those who said they didn’t see the “shaming” in the campaign.

10. Speaking of fats: in AU: “Should fatties pay more for flights? I’m on the Morning Show” at Dr. Samantha Thomas’ site The Discourse. OK, I’m sorry, but I’m used to examples of US morning television, with it’s false parity and sensationalism and weird superficiality even on issues torturing Americans. So, is Australian morning television always this decent? A short, but satisfying, video, and Dr. Thomas does very well.

11. Top reasons to homeschool or unschool by The Sattvic Family. Good retort to the “socialization” question regarding homeschoolers, by the way: “As is obvious, the way of choosing one’s peers regardless of age is far more social than one’s child only having friends they are forced to choose from, and that are the same age.” Also, reason 4), in its entirety, was so good it made me pee a little.

12. “Children are Born to Learn Everything They Need On Their Own” by Laurie Couture (I am currently making my way through her podcasts; brilliant!):

“No one has to (or should) teach children anything. Children are wired from birth to learn everything they need to learn to reach their full potentials. They just need adults to get out of their way and instead guide, mentor and expose children to the resources they want and need in order to explore, create, play and invent.”

13. Speaking of people to listen to: Wendy Priesnitz will be featured at Unplugged Mom, 8 AM EST today! It’s a podcast so you can download later at your discretion.

14. In the comic book genre, applicable to other pop culture products: “Tropes vs. Women: #2 Women in Refrigerators” from Anita Sarkeesian at Feminist Frequency.

15. Finally: lately I’m listening to Brandi Carlile, watching “Gavin & Stacey”, and (re-)reading The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Rings, a paperback I got for $1 from Jackson Street Books. Wonderful stuff. What about you?

5 thoughts on “it’s six am and i’m all messed up (friday)

  1. Thanks for all of the links!

    Butterbeer and its cupcakes: want

    Just watched the first season of Gavin and Stacy. Was expecting it to be just a romantic sitcom kind of thing, which it mostly was, but it did seem to have a bit more depth to it. Nessa is kind of portrayed as the overpowering, sloppy fat girl but I at least appreciated that she is seen as a sexual person, and one that isn’t left wanting for sexual opportunities.

  2. lots to read through and think about – will wander through them and a cup of coffee – thanks for sharing them 🙂

  3. #15- I’ve been watching a delicious ton of The Trailer Park Boys [] on Netflix as I was down several days with a wicked ache to the bone virus. If you haven’t seen it, it’s kinda like the criminal’s perspective in response to COPS, only it is satire in the vein of Reno 911 and the episodes are only 22 minutes long w/credits.

    I’m looking forward to checking out their more recent project called The Drunk and On Drugs Happy Fun Time Hour which lists Amy Sedaris as a supporting cast member:

    So that is about as highbrow as I can get this week. I hope you are not totally offended by The Trailer Park Boys if you do check it out- satire is iffy, one girl’s giggle is the another girl’s aghast reevaluation of the friendship 😉

  4. Misbehavior in Public – Your example is certainly chilling, but I think Jake takes the worst hit from this. Jake now knows that his mother has given up on him and has also delivered him into the hands of a hired thug. She may have made a poor choice in a moment of weakness, but Jake won’t understand that for years (if ever). I guarantee that he felt 100% alone and lost that day.

  5. @Paige
    I’m just finished season 2 of “Gavin & Stacey” so I only have a bit more to go (*sniff, sniff*, I will miss it). It’s like a US sitcom, but not annoying, and totally touching and laugh-out-loud funny, full of people I genuinely enjoy (most fuckable? Mick). Both Nessa and Smithy have that whole “sloppy” thing going on, but Nessa is definitely portrayed in heroic and sympathetic fashion, and I came to think of both of them as being more lusty/gastronome characters than anything particularly negative.

    As always, thanks for reading and thanks for stopping by!

    Hm, you’re right, I mean after all Jake certainly know where he stands with his mom after that. Certainly it serves to alienate them both from one another, big time.

    “I hope you are not totally offended by The Trailer Park Boys if you do check it out- satire is iffy, one girl’s giggle is the another girl’s aghast reevaluation of the friendship.”

    Oh, don’t I know it! I just loaned Black Dynamite to my mom who found it so upsetting she stopped watching. Fortunately I think our friendship will survive, not least because she’s after those grandkids like PacMan eats pellets.

    (Thanks for the rec’s, I will check them out!)

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