linen casual for spring/summer, Banyan tutorial

Banyan, Pockets

I have the honor to work with Shelly and Daniela at Figgy’s Patterns and their wonderful garment pattern designs for children and tweens – in this case one of their latest: the Banyan shirt, tunic, pants and shorts. As of this evening, my tutorial for custom-sizing the trousers is live on Figgy’s site.



4 thoughts on “linen casual for spring/summer, Banyan tutorial

  1. I’m loving the waistband on those pants! Looking forward to the tutorial 🙂

  2. @Medrie
    I’m glad to have been helpful! The pants immediately got stained by some orange twill from Gray’s General I washed… and it bled. Interesting as I haven’t had a fabric bleed in a long time! So I’m washing and air/sun-drying them until the stains lift. Let’s hope!

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