4th of July

I pen this as my neighbors are getting up and going with their loaded frolicking, involving explosives, many of which are likely not legal within the city limits. They’ve already fired more than one firework directly into our yard, on accident I think, because they are smashed. I came home from my mom’s to be with my dog who is hiding in the closet behind me, but much relieved I am here.

Earlier today: date with Ralph at the taco truck.

Ralph, Taco Truck

We finished cake balls – they will be for sale at my kids’ lemonade stand, First Thursday tomorrow in Hoquiam (5 PM to 8 PM, Gray’s General Store):

Cake Balls!

Hutch relaxed a bit, at my mom’s place:


By the way, Hutch knows who his “grandma” is. My mom has been talking him up all over town. I shit thee not. People I don’t know, know I have a dog and that my dog is awesome. I am totally in the “Hutch is awesome” camp, and I don’t know how it happened. I give him rub-downs every single day. I love him so much.

After dinner (which I was too hungry to take pictures of, alas – delicious tacos with tons of fresh veg and accoutrement) – strawberry shortcake, soooooo good (recipe in the July 2012 issue of Tumblehome!):

Strawberry Shortcake

Fireworks, a few minutes before I started believing we might die tonight:



Nels is down with the pyrotechnics (as you know he’s totally cool with standing inside a firework):


One last spark before taking cover inside:



6 thoughts on “4th of July

  1. I hope your neighbors had fun with the fireworks – I heard they’ll be illegal statewide as of next year. The strawberry shortcake looks delis – we had some, too. I was disappointed in the way my shortcake turned out but Scott said it was fine. Yours looks fluffier, which is what I was going for and what my result usually is. I suspect it’s because I used cake flour that was slightly older than I would have liked.

    Do you have any good ideas for cooking turnips? I got a whole bunch in our CSA box and other than raw in salads I have no good ideas.

  2. That strawberry shortcake looks soooo good. I’m waiting (somewhat impatiently) for my issue of Tumblehome!

  3. I’ll chime in for the turnips…
    I got a whole bunch in my CSA box the other week and I just incorporated them with potatoes into a mashed potato/turnip deliciousness. They adding some nice kick to the spuds.

  4. @Carrie
    Ralph is a cutie. I’m a lucky lady. He should just wear really tight jeans and a shirt that says, “YOU’RE WELCOME”.

    My shortcake is fluffy perhaps because the dough is pretty soft… I don’t really know. I’m better at yeasted breads than quick breads! John’s suggestion re: turnips is the only thing I could think of. Raw is pretty good tho’. A really good Italian or bleu cheese dressing is never a bad thing.

    You should have received the zine today. Yay!

    Thanks, and good to hear from y ou!

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