slant rhyme

made some hats
need some scratch


buy this batch?

Also: if you are a local, I am looking for babies and kids as models, so I can photograph some of my creations. I have several items that are not being published in any way because I do not have children to model them. I am hoping especially for newborns in the zero to three months’ range; also kids up to three. AND of course any child model (and carer) gets a lovely Hoga-playdate plus a hand-sewn or hand-knit bit of loveliness from YOURS TRULY.

So. That’s it, for now.

4 thoughts on “slant rhyme

  1. Well, if you’re ever in need of a large 4 year-old, T. is adorable as a model, if I do say so, as is his sister, G (she’s a small 6). 🙂 And while I can’t offer you a newborn at the moment, ask me in September – I’m pregnant.

  2. @Jen

    I have had a few children come forward – or rather, their parents did, after my husband’s FB call-out. So, let’s see how I do photographing babies!

  3. I have a baby who would love to model your creations! If we hurry, she might just squeeze into some 0-3 months clothes. R U busy tomorrow?

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