green, green, my love is green

Two very different children. Two very different greens.

Good Morning!

Axolotl Dress

Axolotl Dress

Axolotl Dress

Yes, I made a dress based on an aoxlotl. Here are the external gills:

Axolotl Dress

Both garments are self-drafted! This means I designed these garments 100% from scratch, no Franken-patterning. Just a ruler, pencil, and tracing medium. I am feeling fabulous about it all.

My Little Guy

I drafted and sewed up Nels’ little PJ pants in about an hour or so last night. I’d like to get him a few more cozy cottons and I’d like to draft myself such nice, roomy, cotton PJs.

Little Dude, Little Toes

Axolotl Dress

5 thoughts on “green, green, my love is green

  1. Ann says:

    Fantastic! Your kids always look like they love the dreamy things you make for them.

  2. @Ann
    They do love the clothes I make! I love designing them, too. It works out! Thank you for the compliments.

  3. Johnny says:

    Phoenix looks like she slipped out of the elf village to check out what was happening in the vanilla world, awesome!

  4. @Johnny
    Phoenix is very elf-like in so many ways… except her favorite foods are like, rare steak, and sugar.

  5. Medr1e says:

    Your sewing is magnificent and now I know what an aoxlotl is!

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