and then out of nowhere Benedict Cumberbatch started reading to me!

Today I staggered about doing the best I could, considering I had another bout of kidney pain and a tremendous headache. The headache was of the ilk, beyond distracting – almost as if I had a serious neck injury or something. To my knowledge I have not hurt my neck or head so the source is a mystery. I paced around a bit, complained to my children, and (as per usual these days) drank a good deal of water. In the early evening I ate something nutritious and took an ice-cold coffee drink with two Tylenol. Mercifully the headache receded and I was able to get back to some work.

The kidney pain, well today I am just grateful to not be facing surgery in the immediate future, and I have some hopes I won’t need a medical procedure in the next month. However, even my “hopes”, I hang on to those lightly. These days I have more like a preference where general life shit is concerned, and I try to keep my chin up to face whatever I get to face. Some of the most feared and (seemingly-)horrid things that have happened to me, have ended up being tremendous blessings. I might as well be honest and admit I fear medicine and surgery, although I don’t particularly begrudge doctors their trade. It’s a fear I’ve had for a number of years that hasn’t gone anywhere, but I’m a patient bastard too and things might change.

Back to the day at hand: my children ran around the neighborhood, taking Hutch on a long walk, visiting a friend (with pets including a poisonous newt, turtles, and a baby corn snake), then taking a park date, then home to cook up their lunch of noodles and fresh mango before doing some housework (Phoenix sweetly, Nels bitchily). My daughter gave me a lovely shoulder rub and my son pushed me through the house to (gently) throw me down on the bed and give me a trademark “kiss attack”. My children are growing up quite swiftly so I take these lovies while I can get them.

I spent most the working day on a tailored silk jacket for a client and watching a few glumly twee-romance indie films while I performed a prodigious amount of handsewing. I am struggling with this project which means I’m struggling with Life. My husband asks me, baffled, “What could you possibly still be learning on sewing up coats?”

– & this is funny because as with many things I’ve put time into, the more I practice the more I realize I do not know!

2 thoughts on “and then out of nowhere Benedict Cumberbatch started reading to me!

  1. Oh wow – sounds like tension headache from muscle spasm in your neck. I didn’t know this could happen until I had one and I described it to Scott, who explained to me about how some muscles in the neck/upper back, if they get a knot in them, will give you a wretched headache that just doesn’t seem to go away, no matter what you do. I asked him what caused it and he said it’s probably some stress that manifests by muscle spasm. I’m glad yours finally faded, as they truly can screw up an entire day.

    It’s funny, I know how you feel about the sewing bit. Just when I seem to have finally mastered something, I find that there’s so much more to learn! For me it’s really the FBA and getting it right. I can do simple ones but doing it with an empire waist top or a wrap-style top just throws me. I can sometimes get it right on my dress form, but right now I look nothing like it, being 33.5 weeks pregnant, so I’m not doing any fitting with it and I realize how much I really was using it to solve my personal fit issues. And don’t get me started on the bathing suit I made!

    Hope your kidney pain takes a back seat and gives you some respite for a while.

  2. @Jen
    I swear I will never ever understand how to do an FBA. There are so many methods and usually the methodology casts aspersions on the other ones! I’d love to just drop off my pattern to someone and have him/her do the FBA then pick it up again so I don’t have to second-guess myself.

    Thank you for the kind words re: kidney pain. Today wasn’t too bad!

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