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I’m torn, as I almost make enough side money with my stitchery and graphic design to NOT go to work, for pay, outside the home. While I patiently wait to see if and when I am going to take (other kinds of) work, necessitating less time sewing, I’ve decided to vote my hopes, not my fears, starting with re-opening my Etsy shop. I am currently giving some thought to my stitchery over the next few months. More than anything I enjoy making custom pieces, one at a time, for creative customers. What I am finding is that creative customers are kind of rare!

But in the meantime – BMO! Who I love and who is adorable and tender and sweet and irreverant and reminds me of my Little Guy so much.

BMO (Beemo)

BMO (Beemo)

BMO (Beemo)

Speaking of the LG, this morning when Nels awoke, Phoenix and I treated him to a “spa date” – a many-fluffy-towel’d experience including a hot oil hair treatment, a pedicure, and a nail clipping. All while eating homemade strawberry shortcake, naturally.

Spa Date!#tender


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  1. OMG on the spa treatment. Your family is so so awesome.

    I like this voting hopes and not fears stuff. There are a number of people in my community here that are into planting dream seeds. If nothing else, it’s fun to do with kids – but I kinda think it works. And it’s simple, you just write your dreams on little pieces of paper and bury them in your yard and give them a good water. Of course, there are lots of other fun ways to do it too. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed over here. Have you ever thought about doing pattern design? I don’t know anything, so that might be an asinine question (and probably is.)

  2. @Bex

    Dream seeds. My kids are going ot love that. Thank you for the

    I thought about pattern design because I have definite talents in garment design and, as a pattern-following seamstress, opinions on features that make a creative stitcher really happy. However, pattern design involves so much work and repetition. I’d need the (free gratis) assistance of other people… or to get a big-ass bank loan to PY other people. Either way it cooled my ardor for a time as I sit with my thoughts a bit longer.

    Thank you as always for your friendly and supportive comments!

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