“…are more questions of coat and waistcoat than some people imagine.”

Two Fabrics, Felted Yarn

I have a hard time imagining ANY of you have some free time this holiday season – although this earnest part of me hopes a few of you do. If any stitcher reading here is inclined, I wanted to announce I am currently taking Kenneth D. King’s class, “The Carefree Fly-Front Coat” on Craftsy.com (I bought the class when it was on sale for $14.99). Since I’m sewing the coat, I am also available to help anyone else who wants to take the class.

Even if I wasn’t available for assistance, the class itself is great for the following reasons:

#1, the tuition includes Vogue 8841, a classic, easy-to-sew coat pattern. The pattern itself is anywhere from $6 to $20, so this is a great value.

#2, you draft most of your own pattern pieces (using just a handful of the original pattern’s pieces), which is a great way to get used to HOW exactly to do this.

#3, This is truly “tailoring at its simplest, and finest”, to quote the instructor. You will learn plenty of non-threatening but very valuable sewing skills which can be applied to many, many different garments!

#4, Mr. King is a wonderful teacher. He is not only clear and concise, he is a pleasure to watch – and to chat with, as he is very available via the classroom comments!

Vogue 8841

A few caveats. I would definitely consider the Craftsy class for intermediate stitchers – or beginners who have an accomplished seamstress helping them. None of the skills needed are “over my head” but, for instance, a beginner who does not know how to properly align grain, cut fabric, alter patterns, and sew perfectly accurate seam allowances will likely not end up with a great coat.

If anyone here is taking the class and wants any advice on fabric selection, et cetera, please post in the comments. I’m happy to help!

One thought on ““…are more questions of coat and waistcoat than some people imagine.”

  1. Hello Kelly,
    I haven’t quite finished my husbands shirt yet…plan to tomorrow. I had a little hang up on the cuffs and then left for a family visit and then worked all week and blah, blah, blah…BUT, now I am off all week (almost) so will finish it tomorrow. Which brings me to the point (sorry for the long post) that I think I will head over to Craftsy and get the class and make the coat with you!
    I must be crazy because I have this loooong list of sewing projects…the shirt was a BIG hit with my family members and now I have to make 4 more!!…plus other things but if I sew with you, I KNOW that I will learn something!

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