“Kelp is a beautiful underwater growth. It forms underwater gardens, dense jungles – but sometimes graveyards.”

(ed. – for my in-depth review of the television show “Sea Hunt” – including .gifs and ringtones – please see this thread on B-movie BFFs!)

Sea Hunt Hoodie

That’s right. Like a total nerd I made myself a “Sea Hunt” hoodie. They said I wouldn’t do it ( – or maybe they said, “who cares!”). But I did it. Because “Sea Hunt” is really really awesome and if you don’t see how, I will fight you. Oh also I am going to be watching and reviewing ALL 155 EPISODES OF THE SERIES. And I’ll be posting here. You heard.

Anyway here’s the hoodie. And the first episode of “Sea Hunt” – “Sixty Feet Below” – reviewed in the comments.

Sea Hunt Hoodie

Sewing stuff:

Understitching the hood lining:

Sea Hunt Hoodie

Appliqueing the “athletic stripes” on the sleeve. P.S. go ahead and check my knit grain – it is perfect.

Sea Hunt Hoodie

Seam finishes: some serge-finishing (the horizontal seam you see here), some zig zag, and some triple-stitch. The finish depends on the seam and how it needs to perform.

Sea Hunt Hoodie

More seam-finishes:

Sea Hunt Hoodie

The inside of the pocket binding:

Sea Hunt Hoodie

The inside of the bottom band – zig-zag finish, then another zig-zag 1/4″ and a 1/8″ trim after that:

Sea Hunt Hoodie

Pocket – perfect on-grain placement; pocket band lines up with princess-seamed bodice:

Sea Hunt Hoodie

Home-“screenprinted” (i.e. freezer paper stencil) “Sea Hunt” logo:

Sea Hunt Hoodie

And the best bit – cuffs with thumbholes:

Sea Hunt Hoodie

By the way. YES, I have had a few gentlemen of-an-older-age in the grocery store, in the parking lot, squint confusingly at my hoodie. It’s like they know what the reference is but they can’t quite see how it’s happening.


Sea Hunt Magazine

4 thoughts on ““Kelp is a beautiful underwater growth. It forms underwater gardens, dense jungles – but sometimes graveyards.”

  1. s* says:

    the best part about this, aside from all of it, is how sassily you posed the kellyless sweatshirt for picture-taking.

  2. @s*

    Thank you! We were trying to get pictures in, in a five minute period before we had to be somewhere! They turned out fine. The sweatshirt was SUPER-sassy on that rock!

  3. Bex says:

    Gawd, you are hot.

  4. @BEX
    You have me laughing! Thank you for a much-needed smile on a dick-in-the-dirt kind of day!

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