pump up the jam, pump it up!


I’ve been working double-time on my B-movie site and community, to my great satisfaction. My efforts included, today, tagging my film entries and making a bunch of little click-through banners to help organize my content. I remain committed to eschewing ads or sponsorship in my endeavors, although I am currently developing a way I might get […]

waiting for a gift from the sea

Night Walk

My son tells me, upon waking, he thinks he may have developed a case of mycelia. “It’s a state, often observed in ants or other insects, where a fungus uproots the function of the brain.” He is very serious, very sedate as he shares this horrific thought with me – before breakfast, even. Then, he […]

hot fun in the summertime


I just returned from a short vacation, and it was pretty fabulous. Actually, in the last couple weeks we’ve been on two sojourns to our family cabin on Mason Lake. Last week we took a day trip to spend time with my mother’s side of the family, as they’d gathered for a reunion. And today we returned from our second […]


Cotton + Steel Octopus Dress

Yeah, so this happened. While fabric shopping for fabrics I need, I occasionally find the fabric I “need”. And this, a lovely Tokyo Train Ride Lawn Octopus (Teal) by Cotton + Steel, certainly qualified. Isn’t it fabulous? Also, as a lawn: very very lightweight. A perfect summer dress! As per usual, finishing is perfect: including an […]

on being a tailor: #realness

The fiber arts are here to stay. I don’t want to hear one more blessed word about how “sewing is a dying art” and, “it’s too expensive to make clothes” when our entire retail and internetz worlds are scrote-deep in knitting, crochet and quilting books, blogs, magazines, craft fairs, and meetups. I make garments. I mean – […]


noticed I’ve been watching all these old films so YOU can be convinced to watch them TOO! So like … Christopher Lee? Sneering his way around the place as a bony, condescending professor. OMG I think I’m in love! Um, a Japanese zombie/karaoke/claymation/horror/sweet family epic? And an actually beautiful, romantic, stylish not-so-horror film: Some more Japanese nuttiness […]

a bend in the river

Take Me 2 The River

I live somewhere incredible. Only about twenty minutes from my house you find pristine waterways – with no one else there, even in 80-degree weather. It’s like a little bit of Paradise, and I grow fonder every year. Above? That’s me after our trip. Nels probably has chocolate on his lip. My hair is two […]