save the date: Jalie hoodie sew-along, October 1, 2015

Save The Date: Jalie Hoodie Sew-Along

It’s time for another sew-along! Save the date for October 1st, and plan to finish your new hoodie by Halloween. My next posts will over the next week – supplies posts. If you’d like to join the sew-along and receive a fabric coupon (see below), please comment here! October is a wild month, both in terms […]


Cotton + Steel Octopus Dress

Yeah, so this happened. While fabric shopping for fabrics I need, I occasionally find the fabric I “need”. And this, a lovely Tokyo Train Ride Lawn Octopus (Teal) by Cotton + Steel, certainly qualified. Isn’t it fabulous? Also, as a lawn: very very lightweight. A perfect summer dress! As per usual, finishing is perfect: including an […]

on being a tailor: #realness

The fiber arts are here to stay. I don’t want to hear one more blessed word about how “sewing is a dying art” and, “it’s too expensive to make clothes” when our entire retail and internetz worlds are scrote-deep in knitting, crochet and quilting books, blogs, magazines, craft fairs, and meetups. I make garments. I mean – […]

i can’t give you anything but love! – in silk

Bootstrap Fashion: Draped Sheath Dress

I have put together three patterns from Bootstrap Fashion in the last couple weeks, and I am impressed. For those stitchers not yet in the know, Bootstrap uses algorithms to craft a custom pattern. You measure yourself, plug your body’s specs into their fields, and receive a pattern via PDF – in whatever printer width […]

dem jeans – all done!

A reminder: the entire jeans sew-a-long from June is up! Part 1: introduction Part 2: pattern & materials prep; cutting & marking Part 3: front pockets Part 4: button fly Part 5: back pockets & yoke Part 6: side seams, hem, waistband, & carriers Enjoy! Please let me know if you find any errata, or […]

dem jeans part 6: side seams, hem, waistband, & carriers


  Today, alas, is our final day of sew-a-long. We will be constructing the side seams, hems, waistband, and belt carriers. And while today is certainly image-heavy, it’s a piece of cake. Not to mention I have a few tricks up my sleeve with that waistband that will probably influence every waistband you sew! ***