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knee-deep in the hoopla!

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Good news: I hung the most recent pieces of Phoenix’s in fiber art. I am very pleased with the results.

My Daughter's Works

Here’s what’s funny about Phee’s pieces. They are all so good. It’s not really possible to pick a “best” so every now and then I just grab one (as in “Mutant Horse”) and then I scrimp and save to have them embroidered by another artisan (in this case, Nicole from Hoopla). It feels good to support another talented stitcher. It was also fun to swap stories with Nicole – you know, sharing our embroidery yarns. GET IT OH GOD I’M SORRY I’VE BEEN HANGING OUT WITH PUN-STERS

So. Anyway:

Phoenix's Drawings: "3 Cats"

Moon Monster

I am finally getting confident enough in my own embroidery skills I think I can just start stitching away the next time I feel inspired by someone’s work. I’ll probably want to have a few pieces ready - by Phee or Nels - for my upcoming vacation at the family cabin. If you want me to add a drawing of yours, or one you love, let me know! It’s a wonderfully meditative way to honor someone’s art.

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Protected: a pitch, a pitch, a marvelous pitch!

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tiger-striped alicorn hoodie! because, Of Course

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So Phoenix drew a hoodie the other day. It was so awesome I decided to make it. I particularly liked the “wings” on the hood – she sketched a detail shot and everything:

Tiger-Striped Alicorn

So here’s what I came up with:

Tiger-Striped Alicorn

OH SNAP so soft. Actually the hoodie is very lightweight – almost tissue-tee weight. This of course made tiger-stripe appliques a really fun challenge. By that I mean, lots of angry tears.

Tiger-Striped Alicorn

The floral was a very lightweight cotton recently gifted to me by a local alterationist who I adore. I wanted something feminine and homey to contrast with the bold cosplay elements of the piece. The back:

Tiger-Striped Alicorn

Up close of the “wings” – with Phee’s little dots in there for good measure:

Tiger-Striped Alicorn

The horn – the same European Linen I used for the recent slacks sew-a-long:

Tiger-Striped Alicorn

And my favorite detail – the hidden side-seam pockets at the front side panel. Very cozy, only enough room to warm a hand, very lightweight:

Tiger-Striped Alicorn

A closeup of the stripe applique:

Tiger-Striped Alicorn

And a closeup of a happy hoodie recipient!

Tiger-Striped Alicorn


More construction details in the Flickr tagset, as per usual!

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“Kelp is a beautiful underwater growth. It forms underwater gardens, dense jungles – but sometimes graveyards.”

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(ed. – for my in-depth review of the television show “Sea Hunt” – including .gifs and ringtones – please see this thread on B-movie BFFs!)

Sea Hunt Hoodie

That’s right. Like a total nerd I made myself a “Sea Hunt” hoodie. They said I wouldn’t do it ( - or maybe they said, “who cares!”). But I did it. Because “Sea Hunt” is really really awesome and if you don’t see how, I will fight you. Oh also I am going to be watching and reviewing ALL 155 EPISODES OF THE SERIES. And I’ll be posting here. You heard.

Anyway here’s the hoodie. And the first episode of “Sea Hunt” – “Sixty Feet Below” – reviewed in the comments.

Sea Hunt Hoodie

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sheer-lto copley or, “how to sew a see thru top in about an hour”

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Sheer tops. We need more of them. Not to be confused with mesh tops.

mesh shirt!

By the way if you can name the source film of this still, I will kiss you on the mouth. (Hint it is a really really terrible film that stars, mostly, a mechanical bull!)

OK, but anyway, this is what I actually made:

Sheer-lto Copley (My Latest Knit Top)

Now I am not actually anti-mesh tops but I can tell you what I am anti:


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gimme some slack! post six: side seams, cuffs, and waistband

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Thanks for joining up on the Gimme Some Slack! Sew-a-long. We are on the final stretch! This is the second-to-last post. The final post will be one with the slacks modeled on a child. If I can find a child! I am looking for one.


Today is going to be all about steam pressing and wonderful, slim cuff and waistband finishes. This is an image-heavy post – 53 images – not because the techniques are difficult, but because I want to show you in detail the exacting work required to get beautiful, wearable, and very comfortable results.

Our progress so far: last month I posted the supply list and timeline, and earlier this month I posted our preparations, including creating our pattern. On the sixth I posted our methods for marking, cutting, and interfacing our fabric pieces. For post four we constructed the darts, front and back, and the pockets, front and back. And in post five, we constructed a totally killer, low-bulk, and beautifully-finished fly front.

Thank you to all who’ve participated, and emailed or commented suggestions and corrections to this sew-a-long. And remember – I am available to support via email, blog comment, and Skype! I will Skype support any stitcher through the months of June and July 2014.

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