Hello and welcome! My name is Kelly Hogaboom and I’m a writer, sewist, wife, mother, kitchen-wench, and B-movie aficionado. (That’s me, up there. The one without the beard.)

Lots of people ask me how long I’ve been sewing. I’ve been sewing so long I don’t remember not knowing how to sew. That said, I wasn’t a very active seamstress until my mom bought me my first machine in 2001, a white plastic Kenmore that sufficed well enough. In 2007 my mom bought me another machine, a Juki home machine. I Freecycle’d my trusty Kenmore and manual to a local woman and gave her a few lessons to boot. Although I work on the Juki a bit, my garments here are constructed on my grandmother’s Singer 15-91, manufactured in 1950.

I craft, quilt, and knit a bit but my real passion is for sewing garments, specifically for children. Sewing for children is both a joy and a challenge, as they are rough on their clothes and they grow so quickly! That said, they are some of the best “clients” – or gift recipients – you could hope for!

Not everyone can afford to pay non-sweatshop-produced clothing. But everyone should, at one point in their life, have something made special for them that they love. I want to be a part of this. Everything I sew is special to me. Sometimes things go awry, but mostly I am happy with what comes out of my little sewing room.

Many people ask me if I’ll teach them to sew. The answer is Yes, of course. While I have taught classes in classroom settings (both gratis and for tuition) some of my favorite sewing is one-on-one in my home. I’m available to anyone who wants help.

Should you be interested in purchasing a piece or commissioning one, please readĀ my FAQ and Policies first!

“I am strangely drawn to thisĀ inverted cloth funnel and its wonderful softness.”

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