babycreep #1: little dickens

babycreeps #1: little dickens


hooded velour-fleece union suit with hand-knit cuffs;
horned hat, & monster booties (sold)
$50, $6 shipping
sizing: 15 to 20 lbs.
to buy text kelly at 360.500.3287
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babycreeps #1: little dickens

What is there to say about this piece? I have long-loved union suits and all-in-one outfits for babes. Complicating this is the need for quick access to the baby and/or the baby’s diaper needs. Here we have a little bit of old-fashioned – in all the hand-knitting, and the large buttons over snaps – coupled with the ultra modern technology of sewing something ridiculously cute in a super-soft velour fleece!

And yeah, there’s a pocket. That’s right. Babies keep IMPORTANT STUFF on hand ALL THE TIME!

Some details: buttons and button-placket (made with the red and black Alexander Henry’s “Skullfinity” fabric)

babycreeps #1: little dickens

Hat – wool body, cotton variegated horns. This particular hat is spoken for; yours will have slight variations:

babycreeps #1: little dickens


Monster Booties! (Part Of Babycreeps #1)

This footwear was fashioned ala my Monster Booties but with a 100% woolen felt sole so, of course, I could attach little paw pads. For grip. You know.

In all seriousness though this is probably a pre-walking-baby sizing; little Annabelle here is 18 lbs. and fits nicely!

And then of course there’s a little tail.

babycreeps #1: little dickens

Care: the ferocious booties and hat were hand-knit using 100% wool and an acrylic faux-fur mix. So please, wash carefully and block upon drying – no machine-washing or -drying!

And of course – in case you aren’t feeling too creepy – or it’s too warm out – you can wear the suit without the hat and a hood, instead.

babycreeps #1: little dickens

This awesome ensemble comes with optional gift-wrapping and a Kelly Hogaboom-designed monster papercraft card!

babycreeps #1: little dickens
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