All Hallows’ Eve

The second I spied this Halloweeny fabric I had to make a baby suit for it. Purple is under-utilized in general, and it really is a great Halloween choice. The dusty, denim-washed finish and the tiny creepy silhouettes went straight to my heart (I’m kind of a sucker for little stars, too)!

And you know what else? Halloween should be ALL about the purple, black, the green of zombie-rot, maybe a bit of pumpkin thrown in. Especially one of those pumpkins with a bit of blood-red undertint. It should be no surprise I had to knit a hat to go along with this.

Every seam is double-stitched for durability. The shell fabric is from the Halloween Night Collection by Minick Simpson and decorated with six linen/rayon appliqued stars. The bunting is incredibly warm; I know this because it kept me warm while I hand-sewed the zipper opening while wearing fishnets and watching my daughter’s soccer practice (brrr!). In more specific terms, the bunting is underlined with fusible wadding and lined with super-soft wintry fleece.

The hat is hand-knit from 100% wool while I watched episodes of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”. That Vincent D’Onofrio is a hunky fellow.

Hat Et Al

I took a lot of pictures of the finished item – go ahead and see for yourself!

Materials & materials cost (not including overhead of sewing machine and equipment maintenance, renting and heating sewing room): Quilting cotton yardage, fleece lining, thrifted zipper, elastic, rayon/linen scraps (for stars), yarn scraps (for beanie), and thread: ~$30; Time to completion (not including time gathering, shopping for, or organizing supplies): 4 hours.

Size 3 to 6 months
Available, Huge-ass sale: $60
Contact Kelly via email, phone, or text: kelly AT hogaboom DOT org or 360.500.3287
Alternatively, Paypal $60 to kelly AT hogaboom DOT org and put “All Hallows’ Eve” in the memo.
Price: Please read my FAQ & policies

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