Hot Tweed On Tweed Action / It’s A Wrap

Phoenix Babywears

Hot Tweed On Tweed Action, It’s A Wrap

Tweed-On-Tweed Action (a bunting in wine, black & bone w/ turquoise detail & fully-lined leopard, size 3 mos.)

“It’s A Wrap” (100% cotton chambray overdyed in Cranberry Wash, 5 yd. 12 inches) – wrap sold 11/06/2012

$50 / $50 * $80 for set

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Phoenix Babywears

Babywearing! I’m into it. Who isn’t? And if not, you should be! What the hell is wrong with you?

Shown here are two items: an overdyed, handsewn wrap and a fully-lined tweed bunting with tweed & turquoise detail.  They are perfect for the upcoming winter.

These pieces were initially not made to be a set, but they look pretty nice together.  You decide. Hence there is a discount if you order the two together.

Lemme tell you a little more about how I made everything.

It's A Wrap

OK, first, the wrap. I have been inspired by 100% all-cotton chambray lately.  It is soft and beautiful and has a lot of character. I overdyed several yards using a batch process and fiber reactive Procion dye. This particular wrap is 5 yards and 12 inches long, an average size to work with whomever wants to babywear. I finished three sides with Mettler 100% polyester thread in a bright red, and left the selvedge on one long side:


Wraps are awesome because they are versatile (you can wrap newborns up to five year olds, more than one kid, in all kinds of positions!) – and I don’t mean just for carrying a young’un. You can haul beach gear or use it to mop up messes or even to wrap around items you’re carrying in a basket. I’ve used my wrap for everything.

OK, now the bunting. I love tweed (gasp! Who’s surprised? NO ONE) and found a few interesting all-poly tweeds recently. Coupled with the OF COURSE pairing of a fuzzy leopard-print lining and cotton turquoise yarn, we have a very unique little baby outfit.


I would consider this a rather warm garment. The tweed, being polyester, doesn’t provide a lot, but the lining sure does. It is super-soft with  no exposed seams on the inside. The opening features two curved zippers for easy diaper changes, a hand-knit i-cord drawstring in turquoise, and two snaps.

I-cord Drawstring, Snap
Tweed Patch, All Cotton Turquoise Thread, Leopard Lining

Up close, “patch” detail:


$50 for either bunting or wrap, $100 for set (ed. note 11/06/2012 – wrap sold; bunting still available). $8 shipping in US no matter what. Outside US? Call/email/text. If you have any questions at all, call/email/text (kelly AT hogaboom DOT org, 360.500.3287). Click on over to buy.

Thank you!

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