hand-knit hat radness!

100% wool hand-knit tri-cornered hat trimmed with handmade pom-poms
two sizes: adult SM/child LG; child MD
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$20 ea, $6 shipping; or free shipping if purchased together

From the archives: two hand-knit hats. These have been stowed away for one year but it is time to bring them out!

Big Quinault Hat (L) & Little Quinault Hat (R)

These are cleverly-constructed because the large ribbing means they will fit for many years. Below: on the left, Phoenix is wearing the larger hat with the brim folded up; on the right, Nels wears the smaller hat brim-down. Lots of wear in a wonderful piece! They will last decades. Hopefully passed from generation to generation!

2 Hats!

And of course, the handmade pom poms. These were my first-ever pom poms and I am hooked. The yarn and pop pom kit were from (semi-)local artisan Gwen at Calm Under Tension. POM POM FTW

These lovely pieces were hand-knit using 100% wool. So please, wash carefully and block upon drying – no machine-washing or -drying! Comes with a (Phoenix-drawn) SASQUATCH papercraft card. Yeah, YOU HEARD!


* If you didn’t already know where I lived, this listing would be a tip-off. After all, it’s SPRING, right? Why did I knit wool hats this time of year? Answer: because here in the Pacific Northwest we are in for about six more months’ worth of rain, I kid ye not.

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