Stripe Knit Dress + Pinafore

Slip Stitching While At Soccer Practice

For goodness sakes – a soft cotton that is perfect for snuggly fall days. And I love stripes so when I saw this Michael Miller knit I had to have it (I also have some of the black and white stripe as well as a lovely orange and pink). The softness cannot be described – simply fabulous! Every seam is double-stitched for sturdiness. The appliqued roses were made by hand, and the rest was finished on homesewing machine – no serged seams.


The pinafore is made from a deep-teal rayon/linen blend:

Hand-sewn flowers via a tutorial by my friend Karen:
Top Snap

Guaranteed good wear and a beloved item for your child:


You can view details shots to your heart’s content at the Flickr tagset.

Materials & materials cost (not including overhead of sewing machine and equipment maintenance, renting and heating sewing room): Michael Miller knit for dress and roses, rayon/linen blend for pinafore, scrap knit for roses, thrifted buttons, snaps, and thread: ~$30; Time to completion (not including time gathering, shopping for, or organizing supplies): 4 hours.

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