“Your Scarf It Was Apricot”

The Nolan Jacket

“Your Scarf It Was Apricot” (Or: The Nolan Jacket)

size 2 – 12 * $100 / $150

The Nolan Jacket



Or swag, as the occasion may warrant.

Faithful Companion

OK so, with this garment I am making it public I recently spent some quality time in a “guilty pleasure” viewing – the television show on ABC called “Revenge”, or what I alternately call, “Implausible Events in the Lives of Ridiculous White People” – or, alternatively, “Madeleine Stowe Looks Bangin’ In A Series Of Incredible Gowns”.

Of the deliciously ludicrous characters in the show, most dear to me amongst them is internet billionaire Nolan Ross as played with aplomb by Gabriel Mann. If you’ve watched the show, you get it. And besides Nolan’s quirky performance as comedic relief with almost-topical one-liners (example: “O.M.G.”, LOL) – delivered airily while sipping cocktails and lounging poolside – his sartorial leanings are wonderful (this goes for the show’s fashion i.e. costume design in general, as alluded to above re: Ms. Stowe). This wool jacket is simply an homage to classic and moneyed casualwear.

Nautical / Naughty

Let’s depart from Hollywood and get down to business with regards to this hand-made garment. As with all my pieces, this item is made-to-measure, one at a time, crafted just for the client. This jacket is fully-underlined 100% wool suiting, lined in a polyester crepe both rugged, smooth, and especially suited to childwear. It features uppercollar and elbow patches in an oyster-colorway 100% linen. Three bias-cut pockets are fully lined and hand-applied by invisible fell stitch. Vintage buttons and handworked bound buttonholes complete the front placket. All machine-stitched seams are double-stitched for durability. The sleeve and coat hems are handworked in invisible slip stitch.

Hand-Worked Buttonholes, Backside
Crepe-Lined, Hand-Finished

Wool is, obviously, one of my favorite fabrics to work with and to wear. It is wonderful to sew with and performs beautifully year after year. It is naturally warm or cool as the occasion warrants, resists water (and does not get cold when wet at any rate), eschewes dirt and grime, is naturally anti-microbial and enjoys either careful handwashing and lanolin treatment, or dry-cleaning.

My garments last much longer than anything you’ll buy. This jacket will be worn happily by your child and passed down to a few more children. The blazers I’ve made in the past are eventually patched and worn until they’re far, far too short – and I am asked to make an updated version.

Finally, I must make mention of a lovely shop in downtown Shelton (321 1st Street), where I bought the supplies needed for this sample garment, and even rented a machine. Lonita of Sew Now Studio has a simply wonderful shop in Shelton, as nice as anything I’ve seen in Olympia (twenty minutes east) and less pricey to boot. I hope her shop continues to be supported by the community, and I hope she keeps her prices where they are. It is simply fabulous to have a shop with garment-making supplies, out here in our semi-rural locale.

As per usual, you can view my Flickr tagset and read more about garment construction. I keep no trade secrets; much of my work involves spreading the love of garment-making and crafting!

100% Wool Suiting, Crepe, Vintage Buttons, Interfacing, Mettler Thread
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