Toddler Travelling Suit, Tweed & Neon Leopard Print

Toddler Travelling Suit, Tweed & Neon Leopard Print


I am a freak for tweed or any nubbly yarn-dyed warm, worn-in fabric. I can’t resist the textured goodness. When I spotted this fabric, I bought some and brought it home – and after a few days the project of a couple travelling suits for a toddler started forming in my noggin (here’s the velveteen version).

Tweed Suit, Front & Lining

The set is fully-lined with an orange double-knit. This makes for a fairly warm garment set. It also makes for a smooth feel against tot’s skin. If you haven’t worn clean-finished or lined garments, go ahead and spoil yourself with the pleasure. All topstitching zig-zag, because that’s how I roll.


No, these aren’t ears on the hood of the jacket – they’re inspired by the frilled gills on salamanders and newts. You know how it is.

All four pockets – jacket and trouser-rear – are lined in a scarlet cotton sateen.

Pocket Moppet

A back view – selvedge-edge lined back patch pockets, flare pantlegs:

A Back View

And a little about the t-shirt:

Smooth-Finish Raw-Edge Raglan Tee

This wonderfully lightweight softie was crafted using the the Tee for Two pattern from Patterns by Figgys, a favorite of mine. The entire inside of the shirt is finished smoothly with no seams, making for ultra-comfortable wear. The public face of the garment has distressed-seam detail and raw-edge hems. The knit was so delicate I used my own methods for completion. A little bit finicky, but worth it. No serging shortcuts here.

Neckline detail:


As always, you can read a bit more about construction via the Flickr tagset. I am always happy to answer detailed questions about how I construct my garments.

Materials used: 1 1/2 yards polyester tweed suiting, 1 1/2 yards polyester double-knit, 1/2 yard 100% rayon knit, 1/8 yard interfacing, three covered buttons, two kinds of thread, two kinds of elastic.

Size: 18 months. 100% return guarantee policy.

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