Upcycled Newsboy Hat!



This hat was inspired by two things. First, the many suits at the thrift store, some well-made with satin labels handsewn inside, that languish on the racks priced at five or ten dollars. Second, my son, who is ADORABLE, and loves vintage. Vintage games, old-school styles, vintage comics. Someone get him a hoop and a stick!

(totes cute)

Side View!
(side view)

Everything used to make the hat was thrifted or found: even the lining and the covered-button kit used to affix the top!

As always, you can read a bit more about construction, or just look at adorable pictures of Nels, via the Flickr tagset.



The hat, which I will mail gift-wrapped or in recycled packaging, includes a few fancy labels from the suits used to create it!

Materials used: various wool-blend suit pieces, interfacing, 1 covered button kit, a bleach bottle (rinsed and pressed), thread.

Size: 21″
Price: $30 – SOLD

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