Winter Wool Pants

Happy Pants

REALLY AWESOME wool pants are flying through my little studio. Why are they so great? I’m glad you asked.

Knee Tucks

First, shaped knees. Until you’ve had pants with this feature you don’t know how comfortable they are. Plus I like the look as well!

Simple Belt Loops

Secondly, they are fully lined – no seams on the inside whatsoever, and a nice smooth inner surface for maximum comfort. For kids’ garments I generally like to use a cotton sateen or, in this case, a 100% silk twill. The waistband is a cotton and trimmed and graded as to be smooth against the tummy. Have you worn pants lined with silk? Yeah. It’s super-fun times.

Belt Loops

They also feature a low-bulk waistline, including a flat front waistband and elastic back. I added belt loops for the super-slender child (as the child modelling these size 10s).


They are roomy with a stovepipe leg. Adorable and perfect for climbing trees.


Finally, the shell of these pants are wool – my favorite fabric to work with. Wool is sturdy, naturally antibacterial, retains warmth or coolness despite the outside elements, and will not get you clammy and cold if you should get wet – which happens a lot around here for the next, oh, several months.

Let me put it this way: today my daughter slipped a pair on and immediately said, “Mom, these are marvellous pants. You should make a pair for every kid!” Pretty high praise!


You can see more photos and read more about construction in the Flickr tagset.

Materials & materials cost (not including overhead of sewing machine and equipment maintenance, renting and heating sewing room): variable; Time to completion of sewing and knitting (not including time gathering, shopping for, or organizing supplies): 2 hours.

Size: 10, &/or M2M
Private Collection
Price: Please read my FAQ & policies

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