Wollen Jas Blauw

(Wool Coat Blue)

Wollen Jas Blauw, Nels

Pleased As Punch

In my Flickr travels I recently ran across the Jude pattern from Shwin Designs – and had to make one for my son. The final product is all-wool, and water-, stain-, and odor-resistant. As tough as the little tree-climber who wears it.


Obviously I changed quite a bit about the pattern and added a few features. First, I graded to a size 8/10 (from a size 5). I designed and installed double-welt pockets with a flap and added a front facing. I bound all eleven buttonholes (including those on the sleeve strap).

Front, Sleeve

Double-Welt Pocket Opening, Under Flap

Inside Of Stand-Up Collar

The coat is made from a 100% melton wool, and I’m acquiring the products to lanolize it for waterproofing, durability, softness, and odor-and-stain resistance.

This coat is not available for sale, as my son is enjoying it too much – but I can make one a lot like it except with all the details YOUR little one will love (including a customizable crest!). You know I’m the coat and jacket mistress, baby!

As always, you can read a bit more about construction, or just look at adorable pictures of Nels, via the Flickr tagset. I wrote out a bit about how I made the coat, but I will answer any questions you may have!

Materials used: 1 yard 100% melton wool, 1/8 yard green corduroy, 1/8 yard green and ivory mini-houndstooth, 1/8 yard interfacing, blue cotton lawn scraps, 11 thrifted buttons, two kinds of thread.

Size: 8/10
Size: Not Available (Nels’ personal coat)
Price for custom, similar coat: ~$100
Contact me about sizes, materials, etc.

Wollen Jas Blauw

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