Young Blazer In Blue

It’s fall and where I live that means dressing in a lot of layers. You never know when the rain will stop and the temperature will come up. In that vein and with my thoughts on sewing for pre-teens I made up a great coat for the cooler weather.


The finished garment is a US child size 12, unisex styled, single-breasted blazer (worn here by my daughter Phoenix, a size 10). The sleeve is two piece and the garment is fully underlined with a soft quilting cotton used also for self-binding – I’ve found traditionally-slick linings sometimes don’t hold up to kidwear.


Patch pockets are fully lined and designed on the bias:


Buttons are sewn using (my) trademark lime-green thread, and both shoulder and two-piece sleeves are doublestitched with deconstruction detail:


A wonderful piece for the fall and complimentary to a casual look, a rough-and-tumble child, school uniforms – you name it.

Materials & materials cost (not including overhead of sewing machine and equipment maintenance, renting and heating sewing room): Suiting yardage for shell, quilting cotton yardage for lining and self-binding, interfacing, thrifted buttons, and thread: ~$30; Time to completion (not including time gathering, shopping for, or organizing supplies): 3 hours.

Size US 12
Private Collection; Donated
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