Young Blazer In Wool (2 Sizes)

I told you I can’t get enough of coat-sewing!

Young Blazer In Wool Plaid

Christmas Imp

“Alright guys, I’m not gonna lie to you. This is gonna get kinda weird… Two coats.”

Strike A Pose


What’s probably most relevant about these coats is how warm yet light-weight they are. Think: blazer meets car coat with a slight dropped-shoulder and large patch pockets.

In a new technique I made an exposed underlining with bound side seams and facings, and french-seamed two piece sleeves. The sleeves were made extra-long and faced for warmth – roll ’em up to use your hands, roll  ’em down to keep extra warm. The underlining is a high-quality quilter’s cotton in an autumnal-colorway gingham.

The coats feature tons of hand-sewn finishing (no topstitching for a more formal effect) which you can get a look-see at in the Flickr tagset:


And finally: the shell is 100% wool so you need to handwash and drip dry or dry clean. Also, some people have a distaste for wool (I’m not one of them – the scratchier the better, rawr!) but of course, my handsewn shop policies cover the unlikely eventuality of customer dissatisfaction.

Materials & materials cost (not including overhead of sewing machine and equipment maintenance, renting and heating sewing room): 100% wool yardage, quilting cotton for lining, interfacing, thrifted buttons, and thread: ~$30 (per coat); Time to completion (not including time gathering, shopping for, or organizing supplies): 3 hours (per coat).

US Size 8; US Size 12, both with extra-long & faced sleeves
Made-to-measure coats/jackets
Price: Please read my FAQ & policies

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