“seams legit” sewing lesson: thermal socks!

Kelly Hogaboom, Thermal Socks LivestreamHappy New Year!

Dear readers, I have been working very hard on developing my streaming sewing channel – with loads of help from you all! I am still working on some of the tech assembly – lights, and additional cameras and furnishings – and to that end your donations help me a great deal. If you have the funds, any amount helps. Thank you for your support!

But ready or not, I am launching my little channel January!

So here’s how it’s going to go down. On the first day of the month (today!), I will post a supply list as well as a few tips to get ready. And on the last Friday at 12 PM PST, we will sew together! I will be broadcasting from my Twitch channel, and streaming on Facebook. If you have Facebook, the best way to keep abreast of these monthly dates is to Like my Facebook page, and RSVP to my event. If you do not have Facebook, either comment here that you would like email updates, or email me to get on my list.

Without any further ado: January 2019’s pattern is Jalie 2448, a thermal sock pattern developed from stretch fleece! This pattern is typical Jalie excellence, in sizes 0 for babies (UM? Hello?) up to women’s size 12.*

Jalie 2448 - thermal socks

All you need to make these socks are as follows:

1. Your pattern
2. A sewing machine that produces a reliable, balanced wide zig zag
3. 24″ of 4-way stretch fabric
4. thread (polyester, cotton wrapped poly, or stretch thread)
5. a zig zag or stretch needle

tutorial: clean finish inseam pockets

I can’t be the only person irritated by the fairly untidy nature of inseam pocket finishes. Often we are lining garments, and in that case there is no need for pocket finishes to be perfect. But for other articles of clothing – like hoodies or simple pants...

tutorial: my favorite methods

I’ve pointed out before that my first sewing studio was a closet – a closet with a shag-green carpet (occasionally redolent with cat piss; joy!); and a closet I shared with my partner’s computer and with our clothes! This was in an impossibly-small studio apartment! There wasn’t even enough room for my sewing machine (a cheap plastic Kenmore my mother bought me) – I had to store it on the porch in a cabinet.

So I know all about how hard it is to “make space”.

tutorial: sew a button

When people learn I sew they often tell me, “Oh I can’t even sew on a button!” – it’s an oft-repeated phrase that means, essentially, one has no sewing skills whatsoever. But I find this phrase funny because actually, sewing on a button is more difficult than it seems!

Here I’ll illustrate how to enact a button installation – in this case on a folded edge of felt. My method hides thread tails and creates a very strong, and very tidy result. It can be used almost any place you need a button – whether a new garment, or a repair!


So life has been busy!! and I’ve had a couple small but significant professional setbacks. I’ve also several medical tests and appointments lately (all of them are coming up perfectly healthy), and I’ve barely been keeping on top of my schedule....