vegan tailor, clean finish inseam pocket

tutorial: clean finish inseam pockets

I can't be the only person irritated by the fairly untidy nature of inseam pocket finishes. Often we are lining garments, and in that case there is no need for pocket finishes to be perfect. But for other articles of clothing - like hoodies or simple pants - these pocket finishes will be visible when the garment is inside-out. I fiddled around and finally came up with a very q ...


one-legged balance

Any engaged, active parent will tell you that children and teens go through stages we aren't ready for. I'm not talking about childhood milestones - losing their baby teeth, learning to walk, mastering the ability to read - landmarks which are fairly universal and usually bring much delight in those whirlwind years of early parenting. I am talking about those changes that ...

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