“seams legit” sewing lesson: thermal socks!

Kelly Hogaboom, Thermal Socks LivestreamHappy New Year!

Dear readers, I have been working very hard on developing my streaming sewing channel – with loads of help from you all! I am still working on some of the tech assembly – lights, and additional cameras and furnishings – and to that end your donations help me a great deal. If you have the funds, any amount helps. Thank you for your support!

But ready or not, I am launching my little channel January!

So here’s how it’s going to go down. On the first day of the month (today!), I will post a supply list as well as a few tips to get ready. And on the last Friday at 12 PM PST, we will sew together! I will be broadcasting from my Twitch channel, and streaming on Facebook. If you have Facebook, the best way to keep abreast of these monthly dates is to Like my Facebook page, and RSVP to my event. If you do not have Facebook, either comment here that you would like email updates, or email me to get on my list.

Without any further ado: January 2019’s pattern is Jalie 2448, a thermal sock pattern developed from stretch fleece! This pattern is typical Jalie excellence, in sizes 0 for babies (UM? Hello?) up to women’s size 12.*

Jalie 2448 - thermal socks

All you need to make these socks are as follows:

1. Your pattern
2. A sewing machine that produces a reliable, balanced wide zig zag
3. 24″ of 4-way stretch fabric
4. thread (polyester, cotton wrapped poly, or stretch thread)
5. a zig zag or stretch needle

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nye 2018

A Walk on NYE

2018 was a good year for us. One is tempted to trot out the “accomplishments”, and yes we have a few of those. This was my first full year filing taxes and running my business like a “real” one. I somehow kept above water on that! Ralph got another promotion and increased responsibilities at work; he also dedicated time to developing his e-sports practice, which gave him a great deal of satisfaction. I committed to practicing yoga every day of the year – and missed only three days! Phoenix graduated college, and found a boyfriend to whom he is very much devoted. Nels focussed on gaming, programming bots, and working on video editing; he also started a Discord server and continues to develop his organizational and leadership skills. Both children are gaining in maturity, and this really showed at Christmastime.

We had a few heartbreaks this year; disappointments at the hands of people we love. I don’t need to belabor those experiences because we’ve all had them. Throughout these we kept our dignity, and that’s the best you can really do.

But yes, a year of many blessings. Our health was good – don’t think I’m not grateful for yet another year without kidney symptoms! No broken bones, no illnesses, solid mental and emotional health. A safe and warm home, meaningful occupations, loving relationships, volunteer work in the community, and plenty of food and good rest. What more could we want?

Tonight we bundled ourselves in scarves and hats and warm coats and took the dog out on an evening walk. We captured a beautiful sunset and found a cup of hot tea after; picked up supplies for tomorrow’s Hoppin’ John. Home and to a fire, and a puzzle on the coffee table. Ready for a new year, and new commitments to the wonderful practice of living.

Sunset, New Years Eve in Aberdeen

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aromatic cooking

Tonight I carefully slice into a red bell pepper, then a green one, and finally a cheerful purple onion. I cut a quarter wedge from each of these and slice as thinly as my patience will allow. I am exhausted, and I am trying to prepare a new dish. So I move slowly; but I do move. I heat up two types of tortillas (microwave under a damp cloth napkin) and wrap them in heavy foil packets into the warmed oven. Having pickled a jalapeño (while the others roast in oil and salt), I dice it finely and add to the marinade hosting thick tempeh slices. I halve cherry tomatoes into a bowl and gently combine them with a little oil, salt, sugar: set aside. I fry up the seitan chick’n strips – having pre-baked them dry and chewy in the oven – and add the peppers and onions and more pickled jalapeño. The kitchen warms brilliantly with the fragrance of peppers and onions and the family cheers a little. Finally: I slice avocado, bring out the lime cashew cream, and the purple slaw, my husband prepared earlier. We don’t set the table as my work is spilled across it, but join one another convivially on the couch to watch a quaint baking show before we go our separate ways again for the evening.

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Did you like what you’ve read? The above essay is excerpted from my upcoming publication: “HOW TO NOT F*CK UP YOUR KID (ANY MORE THAN THE WORLD F*CKS WITH THEM)” – working title. This zine improve your parenting efforts, but is also helpful to those of us who survived our childhoods!

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