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my heart going boom, boom, boom!

I spent my forty-first birthday exactly as I wanted: sleeping in, then rising up for leisurely coffee with Ralph. After my morning practice the four of us set to a deep clean of the house. The kind of deep clean where we pulled down every curtain, shampooed the...

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sitting backstage / someone’s plus one

In a few hours I turn 41. Of note: my mother brought me over a large floral arrangement today, along with a deep chocolate cake and three small houseplants each set in a simple copper tureen. Ralph and the children have been out on secret errands, happily procuring...

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m4m (bridgette & cheekie panty); lingerie methods

Since it's my blog I don't actually need a particularly catchy title for my posts; today I am banging out a few photos of lingerie sewing methods that have served me well. I'm also posting as much of my butt as I'm comfy posting in public right now. The background:...

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