family life on a friday

This morning was one of those great wake-up days. At about a quarter to seven, our little girl pads into our room and quietly rouses us: “I have to pee.” I am vaguely aware of my husband getting up with her to help. A bit later I hear breakfast noises. At 7:30 he leaves for work after kissing me goodbye. I am still in the land of slumber. My son has managed to get in our bed again sometime in the early AM; he snuggles in close to me and I am gradually surfacing, hearing the clank of spoon against bowl in the kitchen. Our guests aren’t awake yet. Sunlight streams in through my bedroom window and peace is in the air.

At about 7:45, my son starts to toss a little. He knows he is in bed with me so he does not fuss. Finally, he sits up and rubs his eyes. And rubs them again. I am warm in bed, content to watch him waking up. After a few eye-rub repetitions, he sees me, smiles and crawls over for a kiss. We talk and I pet him. After a few minutes of loving I pick him up and go into the bathroom for a pee, take him into the living room and set him down. Sophie greets me good morning and goes back to her hot cereal. The kids are content and my morning feels great. Time for a cup of coffee.

At 8 our guests start to stir. Cyan shares in the hot cereal; Jodi has some toast. In the next 45 minutes we get our kids ready, clean up breakfast, trade shower time while the girls are treated to a few read-aloud stories. The Mamas are ready and kids are in their coats. We load the kids up and the neighbor dog Dwight joins us. With everyone strapped in and content we head out to a favorite coffee house / cafe for breakfast sandwiches which we take to H.J. Carroll Park in Chimacum. Dwight frolics and eats what the kids don’t; moms enjoy sustenance and conversation. Time to head into town again, so six full tummies and one four-alarm tantrum later we are on our way back. I drop Jodi off to visit her mom and take my kids home. Potty; diaper; snack; a few stories; a nursing; bedtime for Nels. Cyan and Jodi arrive and we take the little girls out to water Sophie and Ralph’s strawberries, 14 plants that are flourishing thanks to the TLC from our little girl. Then it’s time for milk, a short story, and nap.

I have a lot on my plate these days. It’s taking discipline and careful planning to not get overwhelmed or screw up and forget something important. I could be worried about the big party for Sophie tomorrow – of which I haven’t bought or planned food or cake yet – however I think that’s going to come off fine. I could also be in a state about our week’s guests and entertaining them – but luckily Jodi and I have a good time together just doing our normal routine. No, instead what is looming large is my friend’s Blessingway (which is an imposing event and in about eight days) and a few sewing commitments due before Easter, not to mention a couple sets of out-of-town guests on their way in the next couple days. Cripes!

I have always prided myself on keeping my schedule at a normal pace. I am also fortunate in that my husband can literally handle anything that comes up, usually in a remarkably fast and efficient manner. But every once in a while things loom up and get a little tricky. I am just glad right now NO ONE is sick or being a pain in the ass! (fingers crossed).

OK, Jodi’s making brownies. Caffeine and chocolate – has sustained us through our week.

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