the Great Bus Adventure

This morning we fare even better. The Man gets out the door to work on time; Jodi and I even manage to get the three little ones dressed, fed, and cleaned up with a minimum of fuss. Jodi does the breakfast dishes while Kelly packs the diaper bag and greedily grabs three minutes in the bathroom to slap on some makeup. It’s 9 o’clock sharp and time to head out the door to catch the bus.

I love that the bus goes right by my house
(Grant & 14th). We bundle Nels up in hat and blanket and walk with two girls and a stroller down to the corner. Abbi shows up just in time and joins us with her 2 1/2 year old Liv. The bus arrives: three mamas, four babies, two fetuses, and $3.75 later we are seated. Jodi and Abbi sit in the back with the toddlers; Nels is up front with me. He eyes a beautiful malamute with golden eyes who joins us on the first leg of uptown. The girls are all content and Abbi and Jodi catch up on pregnancy and home life. We arrive at our stop uptown and haul our asses off the bus, me holding everyone up as I fuck with the giant stroller which I still haven’t figured out the perfect way to ascend and descend the bus steps. Of course, I am often offered help in this endeavor by kind strangers and this morning is no exception.

We hit Sweet Laurette’s for coffee and the bakery for our lunch and dinner bread needs. Diaper change #1, Liv. Nels falls asleep. One child, easy to maintain. At the bakery the girls each get a wheat roll to munch on and then it’s off to the bell tower for the view. The girls scrabble around in the gravel. Mamas speculate on the outdoor smoking, and drinking, and sex that has probably occurred on this historic site (hey, that’s what we did when we were young and white trash). We head downtown through a treacherous hill trail toward our destination: Pope Marine Park.

At the park: playtime, a wee beach pee for Sophie, diaper change #2, Cyan. More snacks for Moms. Port Townsend is a pain in the ass when it comes to food to go, especially in the morning. At 10 AM all one can expect to find are many variations on nutritionally and energetically bankrupt (albeit delicious) starchy sweets. Kelly and Sophie venture forth and find something with some protein and some steamed milk for the girls. The girls play; climb; swing; slide; beachcomb; eat. Back to the bus stop. A bus ride and transfer. More fucking with the stroller. We’re home, and goodbye to Abbi and Olivia.

Jodi and I plant the girls in front of some TV to make lunch. After we eat we clean kids up, read, snuggle, and it’s time for naps. Diaper change for Nels, a little playtime, and then nursing peacefully off to sleep. Time to break out the chocolate and coffee for Jodi and I; we’ve earned it.

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