boring, boring, boring

Disheartening day. Had to escape children this evening. Luckily Husband still likes them enough to stick around and take care of them. This evening good friend CK agreed to escape with me (“bless her heart”) and she & I hit Slobberdale for a little window-shopping and good conversation.

Waiting for girlfriend to have baby. Waiting, waiting, waiting… She is overdue but as a fellow late-deliverer I feel peaceful giving it time. It is fascinating to watch her in these latter days of pregnancy. She is gaining confidence and insight into her own strength. She will do wonderfully.

Need a floor-length / semi-formal gown for a snooty auction this Saturday. My only dress is one I bought from the Goodwill last summer as a joke – for a seventies croquet party! Somehow I don’t think I can wear that and not be the underdressed asshole of the group. Because of this, will probably skip the event. Would be nice to at least try on some dresses and feel girlie (have I ever felt girlie?). My friend RJ would wear the dress (hiding tags) and take it back later. Hee hee!

Things to look forward to:
looking after Livver tomorrow
payday on Friday
Sophie’s 2-day visit to Grandma’s
Nels’ / my dad’s birthday run Saturday (along with custom-ordered Nels uniforms)
resumption of Twin Peaks viewing at some point in near future

intarsia nightmare in current knitting project
Wednesday playschool helper
missing Sophie

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