I’d like to be / Under the sea…

This afternoon took CK to the ferry on the first leg of a trip to pick up her new baby – a Revcon motor home! She will be driving it up from Redding, CA on Sunday. She invited me to go – paid plane ticket and all – but the truth is, I’m not ready to leave Nels that long. Last time I was without him for 14 hours I got Nels-sick and had some form of milk poisoning, swear to God.

While on Bainbridge – with nary a dime to shop at my favorite fabric store – I bought something special for Sophie at Blackbird Bakery. My goal one day is to be able to make cookies as beautiful as these – and greet my husband at the door with a dozen of them in frilly apron, topless, with that token smudge of flour on my nose. Yeah, that’s my fantasy version of housewife. Anyway – octopi are amongst my daughter’s favorite animals (keeping company with greasy nasty spiders and dinosaurs) so this cookie was obviously meant for her. The following photo essay details the ensuing carnage, post-nap.

Earlier today: too broke to buy groceries for meatloaf. My husband weeps.

Currently: Husband tackles the towering yard using a combination of creative technologies including an old push-mower, an electric weedwacker (since we have no lawn mower), and a tent with child imprisioned inside. Inside I sew on a church dress for the girl while she plays in the attic. Note to self: devise some sort of long-handled kid-retrieving claw for the inevitable day she finds her way into some horrid crawlspace.

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