I’m calling it –

… the little SOB is officially a walker.

My son has had the motor skills and impetus to walk for a couple months now. In particular these last weeks have been hilarious because it is almost like watching an adult pretend to be a pre-walker – Nels will take a couple steps, suddenly halt as if something amazing is happening, and make a big show of lowering himself to the floor so steadily and surely as to be comical. A few adults around the place have been heard to say, “Oh come on already and walk!” although – this being the second child and we already know where walking gets us – no one is in a particular hurry.

Except for Nels, as of this morning. He suddenly started choosing walking as a preferred locomotion many times over crawling, enough that my husband commented to me, “He’s walking a lot today”. Sure ’nuff, this evening he’s been busting his moves all over the place.

Congratulations, Boy! Soon you’ll be outrunning your Dad in the big races.

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