the Grand Parade

1. Opening Day of G & T Season
2. HHS Band & Mr. White
3. Souixsie in general; but particularly catching candy, riding the bus, and reacting to the marching octopus (“It’s like a wind sock, Grandma!”)
4. Nels falling asleep on daddy, after staying up way past nap time to watch the parade
5. Chimacum band hand-shaking audience – so cute!
6. Cute dad friend buying our group Krispy Kremes
7. That weird fricken ape in the 4-H float
8. Grandpa + Nels = Lovefest
9. Mid-afternoon nap with my daughter
10. BBQ with my family, CK, and Dwight

1. No beaver mascot as in days of yore
2. Sense of shame felt after heckling the Scottish bagpipers by making kilt-lifting motions
3. WG’s lax performance at “Name That Pep-Band Tune”
4. Paige dissing us
5. Too tired to go to the midway tonight – or even get off my ass for any reason

… Pictures to follow soon.

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