another trip to our Second Home

My husband is drawn to Fort Worden the way other daddies are drawn to say, some cheap buffet restaurant or his favorite pair of worn-out shoes that no one else else in the family quite relates to as fondly.

There is like an eight-foot drop below this ledge, swear to God.

I mean sure, the Fort is great. There are so many beautiful things there – the shaded woodsy trails, long mellow meadows overlooking breathtaking vistas of the Pacific, the Olympics, Mt. Rainier, and yes, Canada – as well as all the *interesting* and strange humanly-built features: old bunkers, armory storage buildings, long purposeless tunnels, etc. And of course, the varieties of wildlife (squirrels, deer, weasels, otters, seals, jellyfish) including a troupe of nesting bald eagles (another feature my husband drools over!). It’s just funny how often he drags us up there. But still, truth be told, I would be a very sad girl if one day his fervor for Fort Worden (which he takes the family up to AT LEAST twice a week) were to fall by the wayside.

Quick stop – sandwich for Mama, pickles and chips for Siouxsie.

Her favorite playlist.

Mama & Nels.

Another photo from Ralph’s endless wallpaper project.

Drunk on his own sense of power, Nels navigates the Fort on foot.

Had Kirsten over for dinner tonight at 6. She arrived with flowers. Homemade meal, glass of red wine, then a trip to Elevated Ice Cream. That girl is into chocolate! It was lovely to have her here. She’s going to get snatched up and married pretty quick by one of her suitors, and if she’s not careful – a baby or two.

Working on: Siouxsie’s Drive-In Dress. If I can get through the horrid-ness of Ottobre all will be well.

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