Gross Bodily Function Content (* of 10) : * * * * *

It was pretty awesome today at 6 PM while Nels was happily sitting on The Husband’s hip while said Husband bustled about, making dinner. Suddenly, overwhelmingly, Nels threw up. About a gallon, although it’s hard to calculate when the material is soaked into pants, t-shirts, socks, shoes, the sink, the floor, and (probably) our dinner. He felt much better after (as a parent you learn not to worry too much at something that looks like demonic possession – at least give it a couple days to see) so we’re hoping for the best. Tonight as I put him to bed he was making ominous gurgling noises. This was a specific problem since his favorite snuggle-to-sleep pose is lying on my chest (my supposed fifteen-month-old son stretches from my neck to my knees) with his mouth breathing wetly into my throat. I tried not to visualize the possible outcome of a sudden violent surge of thin-peanut-butter-consistency, bad-cheese-odorous vomitus suddenly flooding my chest and filling my ears. Every move, every hiccup – I felt quite jumpy.

So, what happened? Did he barf all over me or what? Well, dear reader, what do you think? Weigh in and you enter the raffle for a prize.

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