my day: puke, puke, roadtrip with puke, and redneck rides

from my parents’ laptop – allow me to treat you to an exhaustive (and rather graphic) photo essay of my day caring for an ill child (sick at both ends), fending off my tit-vulture* child(ren), & roadtripping to Grays Harbor for my brother’s birthday.

8:30 AM: pale, wan – but proud. In this photo she is literally saying, “Mom, take a picture of the puke!”

note multi-tiered puke assemblage.

nels, in the morning puking episode aftermath, is visibly impressed. And wearing his sister’s pajamas.

“Does this shirt make me look gay?”

please, please, please let me get what i want.

all tuckered out. Sweet slumber for the wee ones after two solid hours including myriad talents of vomitting, screaming, crying, and kicking your sibling in the face.

a sexy ride. The *minute* you get into Aberdeen, the photo ops are abundant. In this case, a white serial killer van with a homemade wooden bumper and a cabful of greasy guys in Stihl-chainsaw hats (who I didn’t take a picture of, for fear of having my ass beat). Please note “silhouette lady” in left back window. Classy!

muy bien. If you’re reading this, you’re probably living in the Great White Northwest and the mere sight of this cart makes you clench your bowels and lock the doors to your SUV. But if you’ve had the fortune to experience a growth in your Mexican population, you know that unimpressive carts like this can have some top notch grub. Tiny little tacos for a dollar apiece, and always some amazing Satan’s Fuck Finger Sauce to to with.

“Does this menu make me look gringo?” Mmm, lengua!

Thank you for tuning in. Tomorrow’s installment of my visit to Grays Harbor: Yes, my brother actually has a girlfriend.

* Thanks, Amber!

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