a day at the beach

Today turned out great for Ralph and me. I don’t know how it went for the kids – since they were “looked after” for the whole day. My second sentence explains the first, I think.

We went to a very loverly company picnic at Owen Beach in Point Defiance park:

I just like this picture
, probably because these guys are all in the air like a beautiful, yet clumsy and dumb, ballet. Ralph’s coworker Nick is there on the far left. He’s recently single, ladies – yum!

Ralph and Nick’s finale.
That’s Ralph on the left doing what he later described as “a suave James Bond barrel roll” in hopes of salvaging some dignity after getting fiftieth place. Yes, I said salvaging some dignity.

… And the self-inflicted embarrassment continues.
Can you believe there wasn’t even beer at this picnic, yet here I am participating in this contest? All I can say is, the game MC was very convincing. Marie is taking a great picture of my ass for the company newsletter, I’m sure.

You know, when I say I have no idea how my kids’ day went, it is a lie. They were cared for by our good friend Michelle, whom Nels has known his whole life and Sophie almost half of hers. She took them to the beach, the park, made art and bracelets, fed them, and rocked them to sleep. In short, about 30% better care then they get from their Mama.

As I type this my husband, son, and daughter are all upstairs. Ralph’s on the guitar and he and Sophie are singing Frente’s cover of “Bizzare Love Triangle.” I love that she knows the words to stuff like that, and not one single Barney / Dora / Fiddley-fuck Kiddie Show tune.

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