comforting thoughts

My daughter loves my knitting and in fact will bring me my latest project if she sees me on the phone for any length of time. Today after an afternoon family swim (in our local freezing cold public pool!) the boys adjourned to the grocery store. Meanwhile I tucked Sophie into bed and prepared to go out to the living room to sit and the couch and work on my sister’s hat. My daughter is tired yet clingy: “Mommy, I don’t want you to go. Don’t leave me here by myself!” So I got the hat and sat next to her on the bed, clicking away. She watched for a while, her eyes getting heavier, and finally said, “Mommy, I like you when you knit”. Five minutes later she was fast asleep, leaning against me with her hand clamped to my arm. After I finished the second earflap I carefully disentangled myself.

Ralph took the kids to Sequim to get some DVDs (he is in love with iDVD on my Mac) and ended up at the park.

“I invented the swing, bi-atch!”,
Nels thinks to himself, triumphantly.

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