it came from our sewage pipes

Today was great, until about 1:30 PM when our downstairs flooded with shit-water. Yay! Turns out we have tree roots enroaching on the outlet from our house which backed up everything. Thank God it wasn’t me, but was my husband, who got to discover this exciting development while he was dealing with a diaper in the privy. The 24-hour plumber was called (it is the weekend after all) and once again things are safe and tidy. I did the antiseptic cleanup on the bathroom just to prove to my husband I love him.

It’s film festival time in PT. We tried to get our kids to wear the seizure-inducing 3D glasses for tonight’s feature film. The movie (It Came From Outer Space) was pretty damn awful, but there’s nothing like an outdoor 3D movie viewing – free at that – to have a lot of fun, sitting on hay bales and screaming at the suspenseful parts. I also noticed my husband’s heckling got way more laughs than mine. Excuse me while I feel a little put-out.

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