doing our part for the Dairy Farmers of Washington propaganda

Today as part of the Clallam County Farm Tour (doesn’t that sound exciting!) we headed out to the Brown’s dairy farm – which is on its way to becoming the first certified raw milk creamery in the state. Calves, cowshit, hay rides, and petting zoos – in short, our fat li’l munchkins’ dreams come true.

Kids + yogurt.

Sophie + kitten.

Nels + Mama.

On our way out to Sequim we passed by a molester van (example here, and not to be confused with a serial-killer van) – man, I wish I could have got a picture. I point it out to the rest of our driving party.

Ralph: “Not a molester van. Too many windows.”
Cyn: “But there are curtains!”
Ralph: “Too many windows. Toddlers can pull back curtains.”

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