farewell for another year

Yesterday’s breakfast with the Suse:

Manners, child! We went to Cafe Mango in Cannon Beach. One of those places with a snooty menu, snail’s-pace service, high prices, and goddamn it – not even a bloody mary to be had (even though the full bar winked at me from across the room). Sophie and I each had crepes. Despite what the above picture indicates, she is actually charming to take to eat – unlike Nels who eats everything in sight then starts in chewing on the table or screaming, “No!” in a commanding voice, just for fun.

We hit the ‘rents place about 4 PM. After satisfying homecooked fare, my parents hung out with the kids (who were sleeping) while Ralph and I went to see Narnia. I confess I had to titter a bit when I saw this:

If you don’t laugh when you see a centaur, well, you probably won’t get why I do. Anyway, I would have rather watched King Kong (the Hogaboom clan is a bunch of Peter Jackson dorks) but just didn’t have three hours of late-night movie watching in me.

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