i’m a tourist to the single mom thing

It can seem deceiving. Suddenly, you get tons more done. The tempo is relaxed. No husband to feed, no adult needing his time to converse, take a shower. No piles of Man Laundry on the floor. Rent whatever movies you like; knit on family Christmas Project away from prying eyes.

Of course, if it was my *real* life, I’d get lonely. In fact, last night I couldn’t fall asleep without Ralph. I was up until 1:30 AM when he finally reached his destination. After I hung up the phone and turned off the light, I remained wakeful. My bare feet paddled the bed in search of his. I awoke at any disruption – the dryer buzzer going off.

Still, the remaining Hogaboom tribe plunges on. Projects today include taking the family van in for an overdue brake job, compiling my project for my girlfriends’ up and coming gift exchange (you wish I would say more, don’t you Super Secret Santa buddy!), and mailing off my sister’s birthday package. I elected our goofy local taxi service as a means to get home after I dropped the family van off. The mumbling, asthmatic cab driver loaded up my son’s carseat as I dropped the keys off in the Les Schwab office. Nels’ first cab ride. He was impressed.

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