in the spirt of gimme-gimme

My haul this year:

A. Tracing paper from Folkwear ala me Mum
B. “Instant Afro” and “Monkey Nugget” gums, pirate band-aids, and kitty shotglasses from my sister Jules
C. Pinking shears from my brother Billy
D. Leopard-print socks from my dad
E. French press coffee-maker and insulated coffee cup from my husband
F. Homegrown tea (and I don’t mean that euphamistically) from my mom

I know all you dear readers are wondering what my favorite present was this year – but you must also know I can’t possibly publish that here for risk of hurting feelings (Psssssst! It’s the pinking shears!).

The doll I made for Billy (surrounded by, of course, tiny booze bottles – another family tradition).

Mama loves Sophie.

Nels loves fruitcake.

Sophie loves Haystack Rock. In fact, the other morning, she demanded we all start calling her “Haystack Rock”. Creepy!

Nels, a mere apprentice in Haystack-Rock-stalking, searches the beach for crabs and sandfleas to eat raw.

“I go nowhere without me likker!” Yar, matey! Dear reader, I wish you could understand the magnitude of the wind we were walking against in our several-times-a-day outings. After a week of this, the kids have sand-scars etched in their cheeks.

Dogpile! Mama buried underneath.

Back at the cabin, my father contemplates best hiding spot for his Christmas bucket o’ candy.

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