read and look for your name, starfucker

Here’s who I loved in ’05:

Cynthia and Abbi. You are my closest friends here in town. I won’t embarrass you by saying anything mushy and I promise I will never reveal your deepest secrets in public and I appreciate that you allow me to be my blah-blah-blah, ass-shaking ex-slut persona. I have a lot of fun with you both and I deeply respect your innermost beings, and that’s an excellent combo.

Linda, Stephanie, Renee, Tracy, Sarah, Lauren, Michael, Becca, and Lisa. You are the die-hard Friday regulars and you kick ass. Even when we don’t have mimosa or Trader Joe truffles, the conversation and good times are the highlight of this particular SAHM’s weekday. Janel and Mia, you are welcome additions to our burg and already much loved by all of us and personally you are both so cute I could put you on my lap.

Cyn and Pegs for being the best neighbors we’ve ever had.

Michelle, for loving up my kids for almost two years. You are the pseudo-grandmother we found quite by happy accident and I have literally cried on your shoulder once which I have done with no one else in ten years except my husband. We respect your wisdom and our children trust you deeply.

I enjoy Shilah, Holley, Sarah P & Courtney for their innate sweetness that is real and always rubs off on me in a good way. Each of you ladies embodies wholesomeness to me and I always smile to see you around town.

BethW, you just have balls. And I really mean that. I’m glad you are building your community here. Your husband is the best host-daddy our playdates have ever had, too (watch now as I am torn apart in a jealous rage by other envious host-daddies).

JB, you remind me of a cat; sleek, self-possessed, infinitely out of reach but the best kind of company. I appreciate the times our children have run together (like wild dogs!) and your family will always be welcome in our home.

Casa Del Fisher for offering us warm beds anytime we need them, Red Hook, and (most valuable to me) time together visiting (we don’t have an endless supply, you know). Billy, I know you will never trust me because of the stamp incident years ago. But if you don’t learn to love me as much as I love you, I will hunt you down and destroy you. Ah, just kidding. But really. And stop stealing my fucking witticisms for your pseudodictionary addiction!

Jules, blood is thicker than water and we understand eachother on dating / marrying geeks. I don’t think I ever told you but the years we were in Seattle together were really great for me.

Roy and Betty, who excel in the grandparent department in terms of openness and love for our babies.

Jodi, Jen A, Anna M, Amy F, and Shernnen: My friends from previous lives who, like me, have embarked on the journey of parenthood (twice each – how cool are we?!). I know you “get” how our lives have changed and I remember days when you were a hell of a lot naughtier than I will go into here! Keep the faith and grow them babies up right.

Amore, we will never grow asunder. We have too many nights of boob-grabbing (long before it was trendy to be bi!), smoking, and sexually harassing man-boys. Even if you won’t ever, ever drive up to visit me again. Hey, let’s go back to school and take classes together and sit in the front row with our roller suitcase and acrylic nails! I know you’re up for it!

Becca, TT, Jen B, and AC for understanding and enabling my obsessions with all things sewing and knitting and creating. Have I mix-taped you all lately?

kellynhank are hands down the sexiest duo I’ve met this year and I hope you had a wonderful New Year. I am sorry I missed out.

LM and DG for the professional care that has made a hell of a lot of difference to us this last year. Kathy, Laura, Elizabeth and Carol for helping me bring my son into this world (I know that was in ’04 but I’m still pretty thrilled about it!).

Chris N, Pam, and Amber Lenore, I miss seeing more of you.

Spoolie for various starchy goodnesses.

Will be missed: Lucy; Craig; Laura (headed south); the one person who this year decided to stop speaking to me (you know who you are); and the White Lady (almost twenty, honey!).

My gratitude extends deeply to Skookum (the job we waited for so we could stay here in PT), and the Lord Jesus Christ, who besides being my true love is a barrel of monkeys in the laugh department.

Thank you most humbly to Ralph for continuing to fight the good fight. I love taking care of you and cooking your meals and folding your clothes, and that’s the truth. I wish there was more of me to go around. Sophie and Nels, I only hope that I always like Mamahood as much as I do now. I like myself, in large part because I’ve liked how I’ve been raising you.

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