"… and in no way is that depressing!"

Please complete the following pop quiz regarding my new, Holy-Shit-It’s-Still-Winter-Enough-Already hair effect.

The most recent change was instigated for what motives?

A. Mistakenly believing I am young / cool / edgy enough to wear weird hair with dignity. Lara at PT’s own Curl Up & Die salon (yes, I love the name too) is a talented young woman, but I have to confess I’m a wee bit disappointed… I told her I wanted a natural-looking green.

B. A tactical move away from”Brassy Whore” to “Hot Topic teenybopper sympathizer”. Extra credit for any dork who recognizes what’s on my shirt.

C. Becoming a master villian (Cat’s ass not included, sinister mustache only).

The correct answer is D: I colored it to match my family van.

Bonus question:

Would you make out with this boy? The inflamed eyes, zombie-like patina courtesty of calamine lotion, and two of the world’s Saddest Pigtails Ever complete the pathos.

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