friday and keeping it real

Last night Sara and I went to see “Intelligence” at the Paradise Theatre School (a great performance, BTW). A couple hours before I was due at her house she called and (somewhat sternly, I thought) advised, “Dress slutty!” Now, this is the second time in as many months a girlfriend has specifically asked me to whore it up a bit. I’m starting to feel insecure because, sadly, I have no slut gear. Luckily earlier that day I found some eyeliner on the street (that is not slang – I literally found it in the gutter) so I was at least able to fuck my eyes up a bit. P.S. that evening after we got back to Sara’s place I had a streak or two to show for my first-time-in-a-year eyeliner experimentation. Thank you, fellow theatre goers who did not mention this to me while we chatted in the lobby.

My kids have been so good lately I feel like a bad mom. A bad mom for feeling relaxed and enjoying my day, I guess. Nels naps long and well in the afternoon; he is agreeable to any kind of outing during our mornings together – the only challenges for me: overcoming cold weather and a lack of funds. My daughter’s at-home behavior borders on absurdly perfect. She colors, then puts her crayons away. Asks to help sew. Dresses herself promptly after a mid-day bath. Reads to herself on the couch, gets sleepy, and tucks herself in for a nap (I am not making this up). Today before her nap she ate some egg and noodle soup, then an entire miniature salad, veggies and all. It’s a sickness in Mamas: we like to see our child eat. And eat well. It can go the other way too, you know – watching them devour and entire loaded-up ice cream cone seats terror in the pit of your stomach.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s date. I’m thinking the Maker’s Mark Manhattan down at Water Street Pub. Drooool…

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