[gulp, gulp]

That’s me, finally breathing fresh air. I emerge from my month of back-n-forthing my three family members with their various bouts of illness. The family is on the mend. Thank God. I went to a Mama’s Group this morning – without children, as one was in school and one home sick – and experienced my normal social life again briefly. It was really loud and tantrum-y (the kids, not the Mamas). One kid threw a huge toy across the room and nailed another (much smaller) kid. It was like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in there. I guess I had forgotten about the intensity of our group get-togethers, and in retrospect a mellow couple weeks at home wasn’t all a bad thing.

Sweet Jesus, thank You so much that my kids are through suffering. Nels had a little harder time – although an even shorter one – than Sophie. I now know a child in diapers and a child toilet trained are entirely different creatures when it comes to the Pox. Sophie had no troublesome issues in her nether regions but poor Nels’ bum really suffered – fortunately it’s looking better today. The day before yesterday he employed a short-sighted but understandable strategem and avoided pooping. It worked pretty well for a while and got him through the most tender period of time, bum-wise, before he finally delivered one day later. Me boy’s a smart one, he is.

In other news, tomorrow is my birthday. Life has been half fucked-up and so my 29th is not going to be the week long bender / spoiling oneself affair I’d hoped. If you’d like to help, all birthday hoopla can be mailed to:

1324 14th Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Alternatively, you can email me a “Hey, sorry I missed your birthday!” [insert farty foghorn noise here] email to:

kelly AT hogaboom DOT org

And here, posted far too late for anyone to do anything about it in a timely fashion, but maybe in time to make you feel guilty if you didn’t get me anything (Billy, that’s you), here is my partial wishlist of desireables:

* OPI (they’re all good, but of course I have my favorite). Thanks, Sarah!

* black licorice, with or without salt. Again, Sarah rocks!

* a new blog design by brummel so I don’t have such a candy-ass’d template.

* Subscription to Ottobre magazine so I can make cute Euro-clothes for my fat, spoiled Aryan children.

* fabric yardage: silk, wool.

* Sample pack from Dharma trading co. (77 fabrics). Birlo, keeping it real.

* sewing machine needles in quantity.

* apron (I prefer a full apron, not a half). I spend half my day wearing one.

* corkboard, preferably large, for my sewing room. Yes, I’m a dork. Yes, it will make me very happy to have one.

* A swiss army knife. Why in the hell does everyone in the world have one but me? Every year my family falls all over itself to buy one for everyone else. I just want a little sexy-ish one I can keep on my keychair or in my pocket. Please, don’t get me one with the USB stick. I find that very funny.

* iTunes gift cert always works for me.

* coffee-related love of any sort (bypass Folgers crystals).

* sexy / slutty bras (38 DD). A gift of this caliber qualifies you for a free flash you can redeem yourself or transfer to another should you feel so inclined.

* Mario Badescu cosmetics (cleansing milk, egg shampoo, and the seaweed cleanser)

* for the big spenders: a sale sweater by Anthropologie (the occidental sweater jacket, marled sweater jacket, and tree-trimming cardigan are my favorites). XLg for the boobies.

Speaking of boobies, apparently my husband has been teaching Nels some lovely manners. Five minutes ago – just before The Boy’s nap – I am holding him in arms and he spots my insulated cup, “Coffee?” he inquires (yes, he knows what it is, and he likes it). “No Nels. Maybe after your nap,” I admonish him. He sticks his hand down my v-neck. “Nels, what are you doing?” I ask. “Boobs,” he gruffly intonates.


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