4-a-party, 5-a-bed

Yesterday was Sophie’s 4th birthday party, at Chetzemoka Park (where we did it last year). Pegs made an amazing cake:

A bit macabre, perhaps – but two of Sophie’s favorite things are skeletons and playing dead, these days.

I am not very good at throwing parties. It’s a distracting venture for me. People are lousy RSVPing so you often have to make up weird math to figure out how much food to serve. Then we have the whole March thing. The weather is never something you can count on – although honestly, this was the third of four birthdays that had perfectly lovely sun. I think it’s good for the kids to be outside, besides.

Caitlin (foreground) and daddy Josh (background). The three Peters girls (Caitlin’s sisters Liliana and Nessa were still at the snack table) were in attendance and bundled up very well.

The oldest Peters child, licking lips after cannibalizing Skele-Cake.

The lovely Sarah, with her latest little bundle.

Rock and Roll. The Peters patriarch, looking bad-ass.

Rock and Roll, Part II. Amber, John, and Olive made it for the last part of the shindig.

Harper, looking pensive, waiting for her turn on the slide.

Nels, free-ballin’ it. When Sophie saw this picture she said, “That’s my favorite boy!”

Joanna. I don’t know her very well, but she let me get her a cup of cider, so I may be a member of her circle of trust. I love this picture. She’s wearing a superhero cape, just so you know.

Pascale (Joanna’s sister) and Hayden. Nels’ birth doppleganger Graham was not in attendance (home napping) but pro-4 year old Hayden showed the “little kids” how it was done.

Olivia, who has been friends with Sophie since she was 10 months old. We’ll be celebrating her birthday in July.

The birthday girl Sophie. She’s wearing a sweater her Grazdma knit. She got green frosting all over it. My mom washed it, and it is now drying in my sewing room.

Baxter. He likes my green hair.

Our friend Michael and some creepy dude that wouldn’t say a word, but is very sweet to my children.

Leah, Michael’s daughter, doing “Blue Steel.”

Dwight, dog-in-attendance.

Last night I woke unexpectedly at 3 AM to Nels crying for “Mama, Daddy!”. I tucked him in with me. All four of us, plus the cat. Lots of snuggles. King-sized bed. Very nice, for a while; then Nels asked for a cup of milk and to go back to bed.

In other news, it turns out I am a sucker for a good gimmick. Yes, I got my new iMac – the one that will stay with me, this time (I sincerely hope!). The iSight / Photo Booth combo is pretty fun for me. This is my morning so far:

The “pop-art” camera effect hides details – unwashed hair, hangover – that are best kept in the privacy of my own home.

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