a tale of two parents, of which i am the suckier

I have been home only a couple hours from our weekend in lovely Yakima, visiting a friend’s family. I took Suse along and Ralph stayed home with Nels. Of course I called frequently, since I missed my boys. In Eastern Washington S. and I drank coffee, smoked, ate, and shopped. The boys back in PT baked bread, worked in the garden, and went on hikes (see below). Well, I left the camera at home (which meant I did not document this morning’s pony ride, the procurement of which clearly puts me in the Awesome Parent category!) so of course, Ralph got all the pictures. He wins this round. However, if I can perchance hijack some of his pictures before he can post them than I win, in a very real, if trite, competing-spousal-blog type of way.

Nels is not actually floating through the universe untethered, but – a much more common occurrence – reaching for the camera.

On Saturday, helping daddy with our garden which will be eaten by deer the minute one shoot springs up.

Springtime in Fort Worden. My kids will eventually come to view the Fort with mingled feelings of horror and boredom, having spent more time there than any other place besides their own residential dwelling.

So what does it mean when you come back from them weekend to find over fifty pictures of your youngest child in your iPhoto library, all of which he is outdoors, smiling, and maintaining very serious interest in his environs?

A husband and father who gets it right.

As for me, I am simply too tired to recount Suse and my adventures in the desert – for now. Trust an update soon.

P.S. Mom and Dad, we are totally copying you guys per the phone conversation five minutes ago and watching this on DVD.

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