"But you get your choice of toppings!"

It may only be 5 in the morning but I’m playing one of my favorite internal mind-fuck games, where I go over and over in my brain between two options and feeling increasingly trapped with every iteration. In this case, I want to go see my parents for a couple days. Back and forth, like a tennis match only more dull, go my justifications for making the three-hour drive:

Sophie doesn’t have preschool this week (that’s good!).
I might miss an exercise class (that’s bad!).
The weather is perfect for a roadtrip (that’s good!).
I will miss Ralph and our bed (that’s bad!).
I will get fed my mom’s cooking (that’s good!).

And so on.

Yesterday as we drove up to Fort Worden for a Chinese Gardens hike, we looked back to see our kids holding hands. “We’re holding hands because we love each other,” Sophie explains. Yes, Nels “Left Eye” Hogaboom seems to be sporting a recent black eye and yes, his sister may have given it to him (we actually don’t know when it occurred). But still. They love each other.

I’m feeling nostalgic for summertime and sun-kissed monkey babies. Sophie three Aprils ago in the truck, as we waited at the Seattle ferry dock to head back to Port Townsend.

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